Tuesday, January 9, 2018

GSL Cuts Ed. Team: American Dream

"The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement."    --James Truslow Adams, historian, 1931

Hi crafty folks!  Today I want to share a vintage-style American dream tucked inside the 4" x 4" Mini House Room Box.  This young couple is just starting out and have saved their pennies for a home.  Let's build it!

First thing is a bit of a warning that this is an image-heavy post.  A lot goes into home construction.  ::nod nod::

I measured and cut vintage ledger paper to cover the back wall (including the attic area) and side walls.

Then I laid out the parts before gluing  -- notice the right wall is upside down?  Luckily I did, too.

Brick is my favorite construction and this young couple deserves the best!  I used the Brick Wall 2 stencil and molding paste on the back and sides.  Allow it to dry overnight.

For the roof I used the pointed Chipboard Shingles.  I gesso'd a bunch then cut them down to 4 points each, which allowed me to stagger the points.  Next thing was to glue them down and allow to dry, then cut with heavy duty scissors.  I tried to use a guillotine paper cutter but the shingles were too thick.  A little sanding helped to clean up the cuts.

Time to paint the bricks!  This isn't a real brick factory so I had to paint them... You know how it is.  I've made bricks a couple of ways so far, and this time I used my education teammie Nicola Battilana's video tutorial.  It was very helpful!

I glued tiny little rocks to the base and let it dry overnight.

So back to the roof!  I needed to cap it off.  My idea was to cut a piece of thin chipboard, score it, and glue it down.  In the second photo, you can see I found a big enough blank in the middle of another GSL Cut laser cut.  Yay!   

To finish off all the roofing edges I mixed molding paste with black gesso (even though the photo shows acrylic paint -- oops).  I carefully applied it to the peak and all the edges in layers, allowing it to dry each time.  It took a couple of layers to fill it all in and look like roofing tar.  Or whatever that's called.  The black stuff!

For an inside element  I used a piece of felt (just because it was close by) to dab black paint on a Filmstrip Mini Sheet then cut down photos of the couple.

And finally, they moved in!

Here's a view of the filmstrip and see their first house number plate?  That's from the white set of Faux Metal Number Plates.  There is a mini wood spool popping out from the back wall.

Here's a finish view of the roof peak.  See how I softened the edges with the molding paste mixture?  Once that was dried I did a bit of finish work with a fine sand paper and coated it all with flat black paint.

GSL Cuts Used
Mini House Room Box 4x4 Open #D13WB
Chipboard Shingles - Pointed #D119P
Brick Wall 2 #D42D
Filmstrip Mini Sheet D12J
Faux Metal Number Plates (White) #LN042114001

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

GSL Ed. Team: North Pole Express ATC

Hello crafty friends!  I'm pleased to share with you a winter ATC/ACEO (Artist Trading Card/Art Cart, Editions & Originals) as well as the NEW Gyspy Soul Laser Cuts Chunky ATC and ATC Stand!  Our fair leader Gina was kind to work with me to design this stand so I can display my current obsession all over my house.  My husband is just shaking his head at me...

Both the ATCs and ATC Stands are 3-packs, which works perfect for those of us who like to do things in 3s.  Gina really is good to me!

First, use a blade to release the stand parts.  Next, use a fine sand paper to flatten out those cuts.

I used white glue to put the pieces together - inside and on the outer side.

My thumb nail was handy to clean up the glue that squished out.  Pun intended.  Allow to dry completely.

While the stand glue dried, I pulled together the components for my ATC.

I wanted the stand to be brown, so I gesso'd with black, allowed to dry, then applied a coat of brown.  Yes, that's way too much black gesso.  It squished out!

Matte Mod Podge to add the papers front and back, then sand the edges and ink!

I'm so happy to have the ATC stands!  The height is perfect for vertical or horizontal cards -- it doesn't stick up past a horizontal card.

Thanks for your visit today!


Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used
Chunky ATC Blanks 3-Pack  #C33O
ATC Stands 3-Pack  #C43M 

Other Supplies Used
Kaisercraft Paper
Mod Podge
Black gesso
Brown acrylic paint
Brown ink for edging
Scor Tape
Prima "Say It In Crystals" gold thingies

Monday, November 20, 2017

Altoid Tin Lid Ornaments

Hello crafty friends!  Last week I had a table set up for a local "3rd Friday"/Holiday Bazaar.  It was coooold and it took the whole weekend to thaw out.

Today I want to share 2 Altoids tin lid ornaments made from leftover paper.  In my last blog post I shared bright Christmas cards made with Blue Fern Vintage Christmas and Vintage Christmas 2.  (I've been hoarding the paper for a while but I think it's from 2015-ish.)

Anyway, I had the ephemera-card-type scraps and layered them into leftover Altoids tin lids!

Neat, huh?  They came together pretty quickly except for Stickles drying time... Oh how I love Stickles!  i used a nail and hammer mat to poke holes for the beaded charm and the hanging string.  Let me know if you have any construction questions -- I'm happy to help!

Thanks for your visit today!


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

GSL Ed Team: Something Wicked Shadowbox

Hello crafty friends!  Today I want to share a steampunk-y shadow box made from Gypsy Soul Laser CutsATC Shrine Box.

The first thing to do is wipe down the edges with a damp cloth to remove laser residue (if any).  Lay the pieces out and put a dab of glue on the edges that fit together.  I did one panel at a time and held in place for a few seconds to give the glue a chance to catch.  Let this dry completely before measuring for paper inserts.

I used a corner of the 12x12 Texture Sheet Gears for the inside back, embossing it with a red/black/brown powder mixture I made a few projects ago.

I wanted a dash of color so I cut off a piece of the Banner Border Strips, traced each pennant on a different scrap of paper, then painted the pennant with black gesso.  While that dried I cut the triangles and inked the edges.  They are all slightly larger than the actual chipboard piece and overlap nicely to cover the space between each triangle.

I use the Zig glue writers a lot, and this one came in handy to draw a line on the pennant edges and allow me to easily apply the papers.

Next I picked out a few gears and backgrounds from the Steampunk Shape Set and painted them with  metallic paints I have on hand.

Once everything was dry I assembled in a whirlwind and didn't stop to take photos.  *sigh*  In the next two photos you can see the hint of the texture gear sheet in the back.  I chose a plain paper (black with white dots) so attention wasn't diverted from the embossed texture gears.

The pennants are raised up on a layer or two of scrap chipboard for added dimension.  You can also see the metallic gears layered in the right front corner, on which a black cat is perched.

I used more plain paper for the inside walls and ended up using strips of straight black Dresden foil  to finish the inside corners.  Once the outside was covered I used a more ornate Dresden foil to finish the front frame.

Here's a look at the back!

Thanks for visiting today!

Cheers ~ Susan

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used

ATC Shrine Box BD12X
Texture Sheet Gears HR1
Steampunk Shape Set D33A
Banner Border Strips D34D

Other Supplies Used:
Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells
assorted acrylic paint
custom embossing powder
white glue
Zig writer glue
Brown ink for edges
Dresden foil
wood feet
assorted ribbon

Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Christmas Cards!

Hi folks!  Just a quick note to let you know I have new Christmas cards in my Etsy shop.  Click here to check them out!

I'll be adding more throughout the month.  Thanks for your visit today!


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

GSL Cuts Ed. Team: Halloween Art Cards

Hello crafty friends!  I'm here today to share steampunk-y art cards made with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts ATCs!

Do you know the difference between ATC, ACEO, and art cards?  Lemme tell you my take on all of it.  ATC is short for "Artist Trading Card".  The creation of an ATC has to follow a size rule: 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".  An ATC isn't for sale, rather made for trading with other artists.  It's a great way to collect and share original art!

ACEO is "Art Card, Editions and Originals".  Yes, that's a mouthful!  ACEOs follow the same size rule but are traditionally the sellable version of an ATC.  They can be original works or numbered limited editions.

An art card is basically an ACEO.  I'm just not fancy enough to use ACEO, y'know?

I cut paper for the front and back sides to 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.  Using the last bits of a glue medium I painted it onto the chipboard and added the paper.  Not shown is my brayer -- I rolled it on to smooth out the glue clumps.  You can also use a ruler or anything that will flatten out the paper if needed.

Next, I used the Postage Frames to give dimension to the spooky stamps.  

And that's it!  These were quick projects to make and look neat as a set.  Here's a view of the back sides.

Thanks for your visit today!


Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used
ATCs - set of 3 (coming soon)
Postage Frames D79C

Other Supplies Used
Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells
Cheese cloth
Black and brown inks
Ranger Glue n Seal
TH Halloween baubles